If you don’t know whether the property surveying firm you are thinking of hiring has reliable, efficient, and professional house surveyors in Denton, then it is better not to take the risk, as property assessment is a serious matter. Welcome to Riley James, your one-stop destination for all your property assessment, valuation and consultancy solutions in Denton. Once you hire us, you can forget about any inconveniences such as:

By opting the services of Riley James’ certified and experienced Chartered Surveyors, all you will get is satisfactory and accurate results.

Our Wide Range of Outstanding Services

Although we offer a wide range of property evaluation and consultancy services in Denton, the services that set us apart from the competition and make people rely on our expertise are:

Residential Building Surveys

Being one of the most detailed and complex surveying jobs, residential building surveys require extensive experience and expertise to be performed efficiently. At Riley James Surveyors, our team comprises of RICS registered building surveyors, who have the qualification to inspect different types of residential properties to depict all the apparent as well as hidden defects. We never let our clients make a bad investment they will regret in the future!

Homebuyer Reports

These reports are carefully prepared to help our clients understand the overall condition of a residential property in Denton. Being amongst the most popular and proven ways of evaluating a property, the homebuyer reports are created using the strict standards and regulations of the industry and this is what Riley James Surveyors do best. With our profound knowledge and vast experience in this field, we are able to perform Denton structural surveys and prepare homebuyer reports on any type of property.

Dilapidation Reports

Dilapidation/Condition reports are for helping tenants and landlords, who are willing to enter, lease, terminate, or revise their property agreements. Chartered Surveyors at Riley James design these reports after thorough evaluation of the property and with utmost care. We ensure to arrange any type of documentation that is required to validate the facts in the reports we create.

Defect Inspection

After meticulously surveying different kinds of residential properties, the Riley James Surveyors prepare comprehensive reports that cover all types of obvious and hidden defects. These reports are beneficial for both potential property buyers and property owners.

Apart from these services, our firm provides property consultancy as well which is aimed at solving all your property related issues and challenges.

Whether you are in need of expert advice on your residential property or want to learn more about our services, call us today on 0161 885 2364 to get in touch one of our Chartered Surveyors in Denton.


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